Empowering creative Youth: A comprehensive manual for talent transformation and competence development in the cultural sector.

Discover our Manual, an invaluable resource for young artists and creatives. Dive into 4 modules covering talent, personal, entrepreneurial, and professional competencies. Enhance your soft skills and embark on a journey to success.

This manual is designed for trainers and facilitators willing to help young artists and creatives build and strengthen their soft skills, but it can be used by anyone who’s organizing workshops or training courses based on the SOLABs methodology.

The manual is available in English, Estonian, Italian, Greek, Latvian, and Russian

Talent Self-Assessment Tool

Unleash your potential with our Talent Self-Assessment Tool! This innovative tool is designed to help young artists and creatives explore and enhance their unique talents and soft skills. Based on extensive research conducted by the YW4CULT project consortium, this self-assessment tool empowers individuals to gain valuable insights into their talents and competencies.

The self-assessment tool revolves around key competencies and skills that are highly relevant in today’s labour market, such as digital competence, critical thinking, leadership, emotional intelligence, and more. For young artists, it prioritizes vital competencies including communication skills, teamwork, flexibility, creativity, and cultural awareness – the very skills often in demand in the cultural and creative sector.


Unveiling competence gaps: A comparative analysis in the cultural sector for talent transformation

Here you’ll find the results of the desk research on which both the Manual and the Talent Self-Assessment Tool are based.

Explore our YW4CULT project’s desk research findings, delving into the definitions of talent, current competencies, and prevailing trends in the cultural sector. Download now to uncover valuable insights shaping the journey from talent to competence!