What are the Social Laboratories?

The “Social Laboratories for Culture and Entrepreneurship” (SOLABs) are the solution that we have thought to empower young artists and youth cultural organizations with competencies that will enlighten their talent, opening different doors for professional and career development.
Through a mix of methodologies borrowed from the youth work and driven by non-formal education, the trainers and facilitators of the SOLABs have identified the individual talents of the participants, then supported the development of personal competencies and entrepreneurial competencies (based on the EntreComp framework) to complete the path with professional competences.

With the SOLABs, we created a system to give instruments to other entities outside of the partnership to replicate the methodology and help the young artists develop their careers. An example of this is the result of the training course based on the SOLAB methodology that has been held in Tallinn in May 2023, after which many of the participants replicated the activities and the methodology with other artists at the local level in different countries.