From Talent to Competencies: How youth work can support cultural sector

From Talent to Competencies: How youth work can support cultural sector

“YW4CULT: From Talent to Competencies: How youth work can support cultural sector” is a project carried out within the Erasmus + Program, Key Action 2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices” lasting 24 months, which will conclude in August 2023.



Young people, especially the most vulnerable, as a result of the crisis brought about by COVID-19 have suffered considerable limitations in their mobility, education and leisure, which consequently has increased the risk of social exclusion, unemployment and mental instability. For this project we have focused on these considerations and on the strong impact that the pandemic has had on the cultural sector, and especially on the young people who are part of it.
Culture is an important vector for the development of young people and thanks to it people are able to cultivate their passions, understand their talent and follow their dreams. Limiting access to culture means taking away opportunities for the personal and professional development of young people. On the other hand, the crisis has shown the weaknesses of the creative and cultural sector in reacting to unforeseen situations. Other sectors, such as entrepreneurship and work with young people, have shown a very different attitude, reacting strongly and finding solutions to continue to be active in society.


The main aim of the project is to develop innovative methods to support young people in transforming their talent into skills, helping them to develop a more resilient personal and professional profile.


The project objectives aims to:
– give young people the necessary tools and skills required to build a cultural sector that is capable of dealing with unforeseen and adverse situations;
– encourage the creation and consolidation of networks of young people to improve the creative sector;
– develop and test innovative learning methodologies that support the creative potential of young people in the project partnership countries and collect advice to improve these methodologies;
– improve the capacity of young people in entrepreneurial development and encourage them to create new projects to contribute to the transformation of society;
– strengthen cooperation and the exchange of information and good practices between the different areas of Europe;
– lay the foundations for the political transformation of the cultural sector.

Project’s Elements


The “social workshops for culture and entrepreneurship” are the solutions we have designed to support young artists and cultural organizations in the development of their skills that will illuminate their talent, thus showing different avenues for their professional career in this sector. .


The Manual, divided in 4 modules, will create a methodology for the professional and personal support of young artists that will be used during the social workshops (SOLAB).


The platform will aim to create a broad collective of organizations, businesses, and individuals working to contribute to the advance of Europe’s creative sector. The tool will be available free of charge.

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